Hi, Dr. April. If you don't mind, please pass this information along to your staff psychologist. She has been incredible over the past couple of sessions; insightful, informative, and has assisted me well. When I began, my driving anxiety left me frozen and avoiding the road, but with her help, it is significantly better, even in this short amount of time. I credit that to The April Center for Anxiety’s guidance. I continue to ride out the momentum of my progress and the anxiety is nearly non-existent. Many thanks to you and your staff therapist. Your services are invaluable and I'm better because of them!

Jason R.

10) Bring It On - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

This is a song about experiencing all of what life has to offer with courage and acceptance - the joy and sadness, the dark and the light, everything.  Trying to control what is out of our control only creates anxiety.  Acceptance, followed by courage and action, goes a long way.

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