"Since working with Dr. April, my teenage son has experienced rapid change and has made great strides in self-confidence. Dr. April is gifted in his work and is an inspiration to those fortunate to connect with him."

- Julia
Consultant, CoeurAlign Design

Resources and Information


Anxiety Information

1.)  The April Center Newsletter
2.)  The April Center FAQs

The April Center now offers -

Two office locations:

- Los Angeles

- The South Bay (serving Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes, Torrance and El Segundo)










1.)  The National Institute for Mental Health


2.)  OCD Centre Manitoba :

Support and education to those suffering with OCD 



3.)  OCD-UK  :

The leading national charity working with and for people with OCD

4.)  Triumph Over Phobia :

A charity helping anxiety sufferers to become ex-sufferers. 


Health and Lifestyle Websites

1.)  WebMD
Stress, Anxiety & Depression Resource Center:

The Stress, Anxiety & Depression Resource Center provides all the information you need to get
through those tough times. 



Other Mental Health Resources

1.)  The Center for Healthy Sex :

A well known and excellent sex addiction treatment center. 

2.) :

An online directory with resources for emotional wellness. 

3.) :

A directory with a breadth of health-related sites 

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